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Mouse Duodenum Tissue - 40x

Mouse Duodenum Tissue

Shown above is a reconstruction of mouse duodenum tissue sections imaged at 40x. The most common health problem affecting the duodenum is the peptic ulcer. Though once considered to be a side effect of stress or excessive eating of rich or spicy foods, modern research indicates that the primary causes of peptic ulcers are bacterial infection and long-term use of certain medications, primarily non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). H. pylori, the culprit behind most instances of peptic ulcer, is quite prevalent in the human population and can be found in the mucous layer lining the small intestine and stomach. Oftentimes the presence of the bacterium is harmless, but sometimes H. pylori can trigger inflammation that over time progresses into an open sore, or ulcer.