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Grey Fox Lung Cells with mEmerald-Golgi and mCherry-PDHA1

The Golgi apparatus is structurally polarized - composed of a cis face near the transitional region of the rough endoplasmic reticulum, a medial segment, and a trans face near the plasma membrane. These two faces are biochemically distinct, and the enzymatic content of each segment is distinct. The cis face membranes are generally thinner than the others. In the digital video sequence in this section, grey fox lung cells are expressing mEmerald fused to the Golgi apparatus and mCherry fused to PDHA1.

The red fluorescent protein fused to PDHA1, mCherry, is one of the mFruit series of fluorescent proteins produced via the directed evolution of mRFP1, an engineered mutant of Discosoma striata RFP. Excitation and emission maxima of mCherry occur at 587 and 610 nanometers, respectively. The other fluorescent protein employed to label cells in the featured video, mEmerald, is a variant of EGFP, an enhanced Aequorea derivative. Excitation and emission of mEmerald peak at 487 and 509 nanometers, respectively.