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Grey Fox Lung Cells with mEmerald-Mito and mApple-Golgi

Cultured fox lung (FoLu line) cells exhibiting mEmerald fused to mitochondria and mApple fused to the Golgi apparatus are featured in the digital video sequence in this section. The Golgi apparatus is the organelle primarily responsible for distributing chemical products to other locations within the cell or shipping them to the cellís exterior. Before packaging the chemicals in vesicles for shipping, the Golgi apparatus continues the processing of the proteins and lipids initially formed in the endoplasmic reticulum.

The green fluorescent protein mEmerald is an improved variant of EGFP that exhibits greater photostability and brightness than its parent protein. The peak excitation and emission wavelengths for mEmerald are 487 and 509 nanometers, respectively. mApple is a red member of the mFruit series of fluorescent proteins. Excitation and emission maxima of mApple occur at 568 and 592 nanometers, respectively.