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mTFP1 Fused to Human beta-Actin

mTFP1 Fused to Human beta-Actin

Monomeric teal fluorescent protein (mTFP1) is a variant produced from a synthetic gene library built around the tetrameric cyan protein, cFP484, which originated from a Clavularia soft coral. The probe is classified as teal rather than cyan because it fills the spectral gap between the cyan and green FPs, and when used with a confocal microscope it is optimally excited by the 457 nanometer argon-ion laser line. The specimen illustrated in the digital image above was transfected with a chimeric mTFP1 plasmid vector that expresses a fluorescent fusion protein targeted at beta-actin. One of the six isoforms of actin present in human cells, beta-actin is a highly conserved protein that like other actins is important for cell structure and motility.