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mCerulean Fused to the ER Targeting Peptide ELP-1

mCerulean Fused to the Tyrosine Kinase C-Src

mCerulean is a monomeric form of the high performance ECFP variant known simply as Cerulean, which was named for its azure hue. Cerulean is one of the most useful Aequorea victoria-based GFP derivatives that has been developed. The cyan fluorescent protein is considered especially useful for FRET investigations when coupled with one of the yellow-emitting florescent proteins. In the digital image above, the localization of mCerulean fused to the tyrosine kinase C-Src is demonstrated. This gene is a member of the Src kinase family of proteins that may play a critical role in enbryonic development and cell growth. Localization is primarily in the membrane.