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mAG Fused to an SV40 Nuclear Targeting Signal

mAG Fused to an SV40 Nuclear Targeting Signal

mAzami Green (mAG) is a high-performance Anthozoa fluorescent protein derivative with excitation and emission maxima at 492 nanometers and 505 nanometers, respectively. In the natural state, Azami Green, which was isolated from the stony coral Galaxeidae, exists as a tetramer, but mutagenesis efforts yielded the monomeric variant known as mAzami Green. The nucleus was highlighted in the cell shown above with mAzami Green fused to an SV40 nuclear targeting signal. Typically occupying about 10 percent of the volume of a eukaryotic cell, the nucleus is one of the cell's most prominent features. Within the nucleoplasm, most of the nuclear material consists of chromatin, but the nucleus also contains one or more nucleoli and a variety of other smaller components, such as Cajal bodies, GEMS (Gemini of coiled bodies), and interchromatin granule clusters.