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Grey Fox Lung Cells with mEmerald-α-Actinin and mApple-Lysosomes

Actin is a globular protein found in all eukaryotic cells where it can be present at concentrations of over 100 micrometers. Actin participates in many important cellular processes, as it is part of the microfilaments and thin filaments in cells. Bundles of actin filaments are packed more loosely together when they are identified with other cell parts, and are bound by alpha-actinin or other cross-linkers with actin-binding domains spaced further apart.

Lysosomes were highlighted in cultured fox lung cells (FoLu line) with mApple, a red member of the mFruit series of fluorescent proteins. mApple matures rapidly and exhibits excitation and emission maxima at 568 and 592 nanometers, respectively. The FoLu cells featured in this digital video sequence were additionally labeled for actin-rich cellular components with the green fluorescent protein mEmerald fused to alpha-actinin. mEmerald is a variant of EGFP with improved brightness and photostability. Excitation and emission of the fluorescent protein peak at 487 nanometers and 509 nanometers, respectively.