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Human Osteosarcoma Cells with mEmerald-PMP and mApple-ER

The mApple protein is a quickly maturing, bright, and photostable Red Fluorescent Protein that may be the most successful choice in tagging cellular proteins that are complicated to label such as connexins, histones, and tubulin. mApple was produced in the same photostability screen that generated mOrange2. It features spectral characteristics similar to mStrawberry, but with considerably superior photostability. The physical relationship between peroxisomes and the endoplasmic reticulum in human osteosarcoma cells (U-2 line) is examined in this digital video sequence.

Peroxisomes were visualized with mEmerald fused to a peroxisomal membrane protein targeting signal. mEmerald is an improved variant of EGFP, an enhanced Aequorea derivative. mEmerald experiences peak excitation and emission at 487 and 509 nanometers, respectively. The endoplasmic reticulum was fluorescently tagged with mApple, a red fluorescent protein that matures rapidly and exhibits excitation and emission maxima at 568 and 592 nanometers, respectively.