Merzlyak, E. M., Goedhart, J., Shcherbo, S., Bulina, M. E., Shcheglov, A. S., Fradkov, A. F., Gaintzeva, A., Lukyanov, K. A., Lukyanov, S., Gadella, T. W. J., and Chudakov, D. M.
Bright monomeric red fluorescent protein with an extended fluorescence lifetime.  Nature methods 4: 555-557 (2007).

Fluorescent proteins have become extremely popular tools for in vivo imaging and especially for the study of localization, motility and interaction of proteins in living cells. Here we report TagRFP, a monomeric red fluorescent protein, which is characterized by high brightness, complete chromophore maturation, prolonged fluorescence lifetime and high pH-stability. These properties make TagRFP an excellent tag for protein localization studies and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) applications.