Sarder, P. and Nehorai, A.
Deconvolution methods for 3-D fluorescence microscopy images.  IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 23: Issue 3, 32-45 (2006).

This paper presents an overview of various deconvolution techniques of 3D fluorescence microscopy images. It describes the subject of image deconvolution for 3D fluorescence microscopy images and provides an overview of the distortion issues in different areas. The paper presents a brief schematic description of fluorescence microscope systems and provides a summary of the microscope point-spread function (PSF), which often creates the most severe distortion in the acquired 3D image. Finally, it discusses the ongoing research work in the area and provides a brief review of performance measures of 3D deconvolution microscopy techniques. It also provides a summary of the numerical results using simulated data and presents the results obtained from the real data.