Goldman, R. D. and Spector, D. L. (eds.)
Live Cell Imaging: A Laboratory Manual Cold Spring Harbor Press, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, 631 pages (2005)

The book is divided into two major sections. In the first, "Detection and Approaches to Live Cell Imaging," the technical aspects of live cell imaging are presented. Here, the reader learns about FGP variants, how best to express a GFP fusion protein in cells, and the different imaging modalities that can be used in conjunction with GFP fusion proteins. In the second section of the book, "Imaging of Live Cells and Organisms," specific examples are presented. These examples utilize GFP and various live cell imaging approaches to study the dynamics of subcellular components or processes from single molecules to single cells in culture, tissues, and animals. Each chapter is written in a fashion that is extremely useful for both those who have never used live cell imaging in their research programs, as well as for the more expert microscopist. In addition, this book provides an excellent reference for students interested in learning about the way in which live cell imaging can be used to extract important functional information from cells or organisms that cannot be obtained by other more traditional biochemical, molecular, or genetic methodologies.