Biteen, J. S., Thompson, M. A., Tselentis, N. K., Bowman, G. R., Shapiro, L. and Moerner, W. E.
Super-resolution imaging in live Caulobacter crescentus cells using photoswitchable EYFP. Nature Methods 5: 947-956 (2008).

The commonly used, monomeric EYFP enabled imaging of intracellular protein structures beyond the optical resolution limit ('super-resolution' imaging) in living cells. By combining photoinduced activation of single EYFP fusions and time-lapse imaging, we obtained sub-40 nm resolution images of the filamentous superstructure of the bacterial actin protein MreB in live Caulobacter crescentus cells. These studies demonstrated that EYFP is a useful emitter for in vivo super-resolution imaging.