Poher, v., Zhang, H. X., Kennedy, G. T., Griffin, C., Oddos, S., Gu, E., Elson, D. S., Girkin, M., French, P. M. W., Dawson, M. D., and Neil, M. A.
Optical sectioning microscopes with no moving parts using a micro-stripe array light emitting diode.  Optics Express 15: 11196-11206 (2007).

We describe an optical sectioning microscopy system with no moving parts based on a micro-structured stripe-array light emitting diode (LED). By projecting arbitrary line or grid patterns onto the object, we are able to implement a variety of optical sectioning microscopy techniques such as grid-projection structured illumination and line scanning confocal microscopy, switching from one imaging technique to another without modifying the microscope setup. The micro-structured LED and driver are detailed and depth discrimination capabilities are measured and calculated.