Juette, M. F., Gould, T. J., Lessard, M. D., Mlodzianoski, M. J., Nagpure, B. S., Bennett, B. T., Hess, S. T. and Bewersdorf, J.
Three-dimensional sub-100nm resolution fluorescence microscopy of thick samples. Nature Methods 5: 527-540 (2008).

Imaging volumes as thick as whole cells at three-dimensional (3D) super-resolution is required to reveal unknown features of cellular organization. We report a light microscope that generates images with translationally invariant 30 × 30 × 75nm resolution over a depth of several micrometers. This method, named biplane (BP) FPALM, combines a double-plane detection scheme with fluorescence photoactivation localization microscopy (FPALM) enabling 3D sub-diffraction resolution without compromising speed or sensitivity.