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The Carl Zeiss Microscopy Online Campus website explores the fascinating world of optical microscopy and provides the necessary background to understand both the basic concepts and advanced principles.

Emission Fingerprinting - NEW!

Learn how lambda stacks are used in spectral imaging to generate emission fingerprints.

Superresolution Imaging

Examine the basic principles of photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) imaging.

LED Illumination

Explore the use of LEDs for rapid wavelength switching in fluorescence microscopy.

Superresolution Microscopy

Superresolution is an emerging technique that holds significant promise for imaging.

Fluorescent Proteins

Download the latest review articles on fluorescent protein technology.

Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy

Spinning disk confocal microscopy is excellent for investigation of dynamics in living cells.

Latest Review Articles

Superresolution Microscopy Introduction

New and exciting techniques have been introduced that are now collectively termed superresolution microscopy and feature both lateral and axial resolution measured in the tens of nanometers and even less.

Introduction to Aperture Correlation Microscopy

Aperture correlation combines the light efficiency of structured illumination (SIM) with the acquisition speed of a spinning disk confocal instrument for new applications where high temporal resolution is mission-critical.

Introduction to Spectral Imaging and Linear Unmixing

Spectral imaging coupled to linear unmixing is becoming an important staple in the microscopist's toolbox, particularly when applied to the elimination of autofluorescence and for FRET investigations.

Introduction to Spinning Disk Microscopy

Review spinning disk microscopy from a historical perspective, as well as current instrumentation that is being used today. Also included is information on resolution and digital camera systems.

Introduction to Fluorescent Proteins

Fluorescent protein development strategies are centered on fine-tuning existing variants and developing new proteins emitting in the red wavelengths.