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Objective Specifications

Microscope objectives are precision optical systems that feature a wide range of magnifications, numerical aperture, immersion media, specialized contrast applications, and other properties. Information pertaining to the specifications of microscope objectives are inscribed on the decorative barrel by the manufacturer. This interactive tutorial examines the specification found on typical objectives.

The tutorial initializes with the image of a Zeiss Plan Neofluar 63x objective in the window. Adjacent to the objective is an interactive text box that displays information about the objective when a specific region is activated. To operate the tutorial, click on one of the objective features (Zeiss logo, barrel markings, correction collar, color codes, etc.) to learn the available options and codes are used to catagorize objectives.

There is a wealth of information inscribed on the barrel of each objective, which can be broken down into several categories. These include the linear magnification, numerical aperture value, optical corrections, microscope body tube length, the type of medium the objective is designed for, and other critical factors in deciding if the objective will perform as needed. The figure below outlines the specifications that are included in this interactive tutorial.

Zeiss Objective Chart